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OSH Expertise

OSH Expertise vietnam
1. Department of Labour Protection
Department of Labour Protection was established under MOLISA by Decree No 96/CP of Government dated 07 December 1993.
Functions and tasks
According to decision No 223/LDTBXH-QD dated 2 April 1994 of MOLISA's Minister, function and task of Department of Labour Protection as follows:
a. Functions
1. To assist the minister of MOLISA in implementing the function of administrative agency on labour protection and working conditions throughout country.
2. To co-operate with governmental authority agencies in the implementation of OSH policies and regulations.
3. To undertake functions of the national CIS/ILO centre and a member of Asian-Pacific information network on OSH
b. Tasks
1. Setting up the strategic directions and national program (yearly and long term programs) on labour protection and promotion of working condition in order to and submit to the Government.
2. Establishing and submiting to the competence authority for promulgating laws, regulations and policies on labour protection, that include: personal protective equipment; female worker, children worker, disable worker; compensation for occupational accident and disease victims; regulations of the occupational accident investigation and report; working time and rest time...
3. Identifying and unitedly managing the list of heavy, hazardous and dangerous jobs and occupations prohibited to employ female, young and disable worker; and the list of jobs and occupations with reduced working hours.
4. Unifying management of and guiding implementation of laws, policies on labour protection, working condition.
5. Collaborating with other ministries, branches and governmental authorities agencies in establishment and guideline of implementation OSH policies and regulations.
6. Proposing programs of establishment of OSH or working condition standards, and application of progresses of labour protection science.
7. Implementing OSH information activities and international co-operation on labour protection and working condition.
8. Co-operating with concerned agencies in introducing OSH issues through training programs of vocational and technical training schools, universities and colleges;
9. Evaluating the implementation of laws, policies, regulations and standards of labour protection and working condition.
10. Managing staffs, properties which are authorized by the state and the MOLISA
1. Acting Director of the Department of Labour Protection and Deputy Director of the National CIS Centre, Deputy Editor of the OSH Newsletter: Mr. Hoang Van Hung.
2. Staffs of the Department of Labour Protection includes 11 persons educated in the following subjects: Mechanic, Electric, Coal mining, Energy, Chemistry, Forestry, Law, Medicine.

2. Department of Safety Inspection
It is not divided into divisions
Functions and tasks
1. To inspect the compliance of statutory provisions on occupational safety.
2. To investigate and make statistics of occupational accidents.
3. To monitor the compliance of the occupational safety regulations, the safety methods in technic-economical proven studies and designs
4. To monitor and approve the import of equipments having strict occupational safety requirements.
5. To solve the complaint, exposure and violations of regulations on occupational safety
6. To test equipments with strict occupational safety requirements for certification
Staffs of the Department of Labour Inspection includes 23 persons educated in the following subjects: chemical, electrical, mining, mechanical, construction, thermo-electricity

3. Centre of information and statistic on labour and social affairs
It was established in 1987
Functions and tasks
1. Collecting and distributing information concerning to the labour and social affairs.
2. Publishing the editions on labour and social affairs.
Staffs of the centre includes 15 persons educated in the following subjects: economic, foreign language, account, library.

4. Centre of Research on Working Environment
The centre was established under Institute of Labour Science and Social affairs.
Functions and tasks
To research working environment and working conditions
7 experts educated in the following subject: chemical, medicine, physichology, biology.

5. Centres of Industrial Safety Registration
Centre of Industrial Safety Registration Region I in Hanoi
Centre of Industrial Safety Registration Region II in Hochiminh city
Centre of Industrial Safety Registration Region III in Danang
Functions and tasks
Testing machines and equipments with strict occupational safety requirements and advising safety technique for enterprises .
Each centre employs 30-70 experts who are educated in suitable technical subject for their duty.

Ministry of Health
1. Department of Preventive Medicine
Department of Preventive Medicine (Ministry of Health) is an administrative agency for occupational health.
Functions and tasks
1. Setting- up direction, action plan of occupational health and prevention of occupational diseases .
2. Establising and revising and supplementing legal documents on occupational health and occupational disease.
3. Setting- up the list of jobs which are not allowed to employ or limited to employ the specific worker (female, children...)
4. Propagandising and educating occupational health and preventing occupational disease.
5. Setting- up plan of action for the occupational health branch.
6. Monitoring working environment and managing the preventive medicine system throughout country.
5 experts on occupational health

The OSH agencies of The Industrial Ministry
1. Department of industrial safety examination and supervision
1. Leaders, General administration division, financial and account division, advisory division, Electricity division, division of mine and pressure equipments.
2. Personnel: 28 staffs with the following degree: mine engineer, electric engineer, mechanic engineer, heat engineer.
3. Leader: 01 director, 01 vice director
Functions and tasks
1. Assisting the Minister in administration of industrial safe examination and supervision of some industries such as Mechanical Industry, Metal Refine Industry, Electronic - Information Industry, Chemical Industry, Geology Industry (coal, petrol, gas, gemstone), Electric Industry and some consumption industries.
2. Taking part in establishment of and guidance for implementation of industrial safety practice codes, technical standards issued by competent administrators.
3. Drawing up regulations and mechanisms of industrial safe technique examination and supervision, which shall be applied to the Industrial Ministry's undertakings, in order to submit to the minister for issue.
4. Organising examination, recording machines and equipments and material with OSH strict requirements which shall be applied for use licence permitted by OSH inspector office.
5. Overseeing the implementation of regulations on electricity production and provision and consumption to ensure safety.
6. Examining and supervising safe technique in production, preserve, transfer and use of industrial explode materials under Government regulations of the Industrial Ministry's objects permitted to produce or use the materials.
7. Taking part in approval of safe technique solutions of technical investment projects and technical designation scheme of the Industrial Ministry's undertakings.
8. Co-ordinating with competent agencies in examination and find of cause of incidents, occupational accidents involved in industrial safety technique, and having view of solutions to ensure industrial safety technique.
9. Guiding implementation of regulations and professional tasks in industrial safety technique examination and supervision of provincial industry departments.
10. Implementing international co-operation in industrial safety technique examination and supervision.
11. Organising professional capacity education or supplement of industrial safe technique examining and supervising staffs of the Ministry of Industry.

2. Centre of Industrial Safety Technique examination
Leaders, general administration division, lifting equipment confirmation division.
Functions and tasks
examining equipments with safe strict requirements.
50 staffs
01 director and 01 vice director for northern centre, 01 director and 01 vice director for southern centre.

3. Centre of health and industrial working environment
Leaders, general administration and accountant division, occupational disease division, environment division, southern representative division.
Functions and tasks
examining and supervising occupational hygienic factors; overseeing workers' health and finding out occupational disease cases of undertakings of the Ministry of Industry.
80 staffs with the following degree: 01 medical PhD, 02 medical masters, 11 medical doctors at 1st speciality and 66 others.

Industrial OSH organisations
1. Coal Industry
Labor protection council: 12 members
Labor protection section:
Functions and tasks
managing and arranging implementation of OSH policy of undertakings of Vietnam General Coal Corporation.
01 chief and 03 staffs being mine engineers
- Centre of mine emergency
Structure 01 director, 01 vice director and 7 divisio
Functions and tasks : Preventing and settling unsafe breakdowns or accidents that occur at mines of the Corporation.
Personnel : 123 staffs
- Health Centre of Coal Industry
Structure 01 director, 01 vice director, general administration - accountant division and polyclinic.
Functions and tasks : Examining and supervising occupational hygienic factors; Taking care of workers' health and finding out occupational disease cases of undertakings of Vietnam General Coal Corporation.
Personnel : 20 staffs
- Centre of equipment regulating experiment
Structure 01 director, 02 vice directors
Personnel 50 staffs

2. Electricity Industry
- Labor Protection Council: 6 members
- Labor Protection Section:
Functions and tasks Managing and arranging the implementation of OSH regulations and standards in producing and selling electricity.
Personnel 01 chief and 6 staffs being electricity engineers, thermal enginee
- Undertakings of Vietnam General Electricity Corporation
Personnel 156 OSH staffs being electric engineers or thermal engineers if he or she is chief of safety technique division.
Functions and tasks Managing and arranging the implementation of safe technique standards in electricity production and provision.

3. Other general Corporations
Each general corporation has:
- A labor protection council: 5 - 12 members
- A labor protection section:
Personnel 1- 3 staffs, including 01 full-time staff or more.
Functions and tasks Managing an arranging the implementation of OSH policy of general corporation.

The National Institute of Labour Protection (NILP)
- The institute of labour protection in Hanoi
- Sub-institute of labour Protection in Ho Chi Minh city
- Center of technical scientific application of labour protection in Da Nang city
Functions and tasks
According to Decision N0 82/CP of the Government Council dated 1st/5/1971 on the establishment of the NILP, the NILP has responsibilities for studying and providing scientific basis on OSH for the VGCL to take part with state authorities in:
- Setting-up, supplementing, revising and issuing regimes, laws, regulations, standards on OSH for Vietnamese employees.
- Finding methods, solutions in order to improve working conditions, prevent and reduce occupational diseases and accidents.
- Enhancing OSH knowledge for employees.
- Conducting, guiding and monitoring the implementation of labour protection policy, regulations.
Total number: 192
Professor: 5
Doctor of science: 21
The rest of staff: 166

The National Institute of occupational and Environmental Health (NIOEH)
There are 5 divisions:
- Occupational psycho-physiology and Ergonomic
- Occupational Health
- Occupational Disease
- Environmental Health
- Professional division

Functions and tasks
- To study Psycho-physiology of work and Ergonomic, working environment, Occupational hygiene, Occupational diseases, Environmental Health.
- To work out work physiology constants. To establish criteria on sanitation, methods and criteria for diagnosis of occupational diseases as well as those for pre-employment and periodic medical examination.
- To take part in the expertise on every designing for enterprises and technological processes newly built or enlarged or repaired, in the field of Occupational and Environmental Health.
- To take part in training and forming specialists and technical guidelines on Occupational and Environmental Health (Technicians, Graduates and post-graduates).
- To guide, assist and provide the professional and technical guidance on Occupational and environmental Health.
- To compile the documents on Occupational and environmental Health.

Numbers of staff: 69
Vice professor, doctor: 3
PhD: 5
Master 10
Medical Doctor level I: 5
Medical Doctor: 14
Engineer: 21
Other profession: 11

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