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OSH Programme

The National OSH program from 2001 - 2005

Under Labor Code, The National OSH program shall be set up in Socio - Eco development plan and state budget by the Government. By now, the National OSH program was showed under the following national target programmes or national action plans:

1. Supplementing and revising OSH practice codes and Standards in order to complete labor protection policy; Establishing policy of priority to or exemption from taxes on costs which enterprises spend on improvement of working condition; Establishing compensation fund for occupational injuries and diseases; Completing co-operative framework and united management of scientific research on labor protecti
2. Promoting OSH information in wholecountry, including: Developing strongly activities of the national OSH information network aims at facilitation of OSH information collection and dissemination to effected objects; sharing OSH information with international organisations; Communicating and diffusing OSH knowledge on multi- media..
3. Technology renovating and modernising program aims at higher productivity and quality in order to urge the growth of Vietnam economy with working condition improvement and labor-freeing, according to 9th central committee document of Vietnam Communist Party on economic strategy in 2000- 2005 of key industries, as the following programs:

- Electrising, mechanising, applying new and clean technology, and confining the use of hazardous and toxic  chemicals of the agriculture 
- Investing in technology renovation and upgrade of the industry: The Government decided that the strong backward and degraded state owned key factories with inefficiency, unsafety and polluted environment of the textile - garment, chemical, mechanic, metal refine, electricity and mine industries shall be replaced with modern factories
4. Promoting and strengthening capacity of labor protection administration: Increasing number of qualified OSH inspector; equipping foundation, necessary means for serving OSH inspection and consultation.
5. Compiling OSH textbooks, guiding manuals in order to supply OSH basic knowledge as working organisation, good OSH habituals or operations with higher productivity and efficiency for students, workers, managers, farmers, schoolboys.  Launching establishment of OSH training centres in the North, Central and South.
6. Developing personal protective equipment standards; making favour policy attract invested capital in PPE manufactures and businesses such as reducing tax or giving loans with low interest.
7. Setting up and carrying out the strategy of health raise at workplace bases on Healthy Workplace Programme; Initiating and developing it in all enterprises, all economic sectors in order to protect workers' health; orienting health services; compiling guiding books on health raise in working.
8. National action plan for occupational disease prevention, specially silicosis. The plan supplies knowledge of occupational silicosis for silica exposured objects to eliminate silicosis in the near future. In 2000 - 2005, the strategy and   structure of education of raising awareness of silicosis and the way of prevention for each target group shall be established. Creating trainers at foundation level who carry out quickly training and communicating at enterprises which are in hazard of silicosis.
9. Combining programs and activities of working condition improvement or occupational safety and health with strategy of environmental protection in 2001 - 2010 such as program of green productivity, program of clean technology transfer encouragement, and facilitating businessmen's' approach to information on green and clean production.
10. Launching OSH disseminating campaign in wholecountry for influence on all objects by organising the national occupational safety and health week; Initiating emulative movement of green and clean and safety workplace.

To collects the following information on inspection services and functions of OSH administration

Number of workplace inspections carried out during last 5 years with the summary of the inspection types (for example, number of technical inspections of boilers, lifts and cranes) and results such as number of violations, fines charged, list of frequent violations;
Number of enterprises labour inspection implemented
a. Number of inspection carried out by Ministry labour inspection
OSH in general inspection
Technical inspection 15
853 5802 5427 2758
b. Number of inspection carried out by Province labour inspection
OSH in general inspection
Technical inspection
c. Dealing with violations
Number of violations
Fines charged
Summary of inspection strategies and the selection of establishments to be inspected;

In order to enhance the effectiveness of OSH labour inspections, the number of following activities need to be implemented:

- Strengthening organization system of OSH labour inspection by consolidate occupational safety inspection and occupational health inspection; and improving reinforce capacity for inspection machinery 
- Setting up a inspection process based on the main principle that encourage the self OSH responsibility of the enterprise and labour inspection play the role of OSH adviser for the enterprise. 
- Focusing on labour inspection on industries, enterprises which have hard, heavy and harmful occupations such as producing or using toxic chemical, or using machinery, equipment which having the strictly OSH requirements, or in hard industries such as construction, water transportation, metal lugical industry, ship building, coal mine and other minerals.
- Labour inspection should paying more attention on OSH in small and medium size enterprise, collective sector, Agriculture work. This is because the machinery, equipment of theses units are very poor and backward. Further more, OSH knowledge of both the employer and the employee are very limited. 
- Carrying out the investigation on time and accurate all serious occupational accidents and giving judgment on the matter according to the law Collaborating with mass media for the improvement of OSH propaganda in order to enhance OSH knowledge for the employee and the employer. It is importance to giving warmly compliments for enterprises, which have achievement in OSH activity and also criticize which do not complying with OSH legislation

Checklists used by government inspectors for inspecting different industries

Inspecting and checking the implementation on OSH legislation, laws, regulations of all enterprises. That includes: 
The implementation of safety standards, safety regulation of machinery, equipment, substances and materials in productivity; focusing on machinery, chemicals having the strict OSH requirements such as: steam boilers, press machine, lift machine, explosive material, pesticide The implementation of health standards, health regulations: noise, vibration, lighting, temperature. Focusing on industries which employ the high rate of employees such as coal mine exploitation, construction, chemical, food processing, footwear and textil Setting up and implementation of labour protection plan

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